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The Great Importance of Sensors for Your Safety

12/12/2013 Back To Blog

Modern families have the luxury of enjoying some more moments together thanks to the automatic devices and appliances in the house that make most tasks easy and fast procedures since people only have to press a few buttons. We can hardly imagine how our lives would be like without washing machines, dish washers, computers and electric garage door openers. Not long ago, the residents of Barrington had to devote too many hours for domestic housework after a tiring day at work since they spent at least five minutes to control the operation of the manual garage door openers.The Great Importance of Sensors for Your Safety


The transition to the new age

When the first automatic garage doors entered our lives in Illinois, they were a small technological revolution that changed our lives, but many parts were hiding dangers as well. Manufacturers focused on solving these problems and soon enough the sensors not only improved the operation of the mechanism, but also ensured the safety of families according to a garage door repair in Barrington.


    The most common sensors, which are the most important ones in terms of safety matters, activate the reverse mechanism when there is an obstacle, a pet or a human being underneath the closing door.
    Some modern models can be programmed to close the garage door, when you forget it open or warn you that you have left it open.
    The most specialized sensors can detect high levels of smoke and CO in the garage and give order to the opener to open the door.
    Some sensors are activated every time you open the door and lighten up the surrounding area or turn the lights on inside the garage.


The new generation of technologies

Where will we be without current technologies, which play a very significant role to our home security as well? Most houses own at least one computer, which can be connected with cameras around the garage that will give you an idea of what's going on around your house. Special sensors can turn on lights or set on the alarm system when they sense motion. Technology can ensure high levels of home security and sensors will be the protagonists among all garage door parts.

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